China Travel FAQ

Here we collect a list of frequent asked questions about China Tours and all information on China Travel. All these questions are given practical answers by our China tour consultants and China travel advisors. Hope the China FAQs can provide you with useful references when you plan Beijing Tours.
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Question Source>Guangzhou Tours :Hi, we are a group of 4 (with 2 senior citizen)are interested for 2 days Guangzhou private tour and Zhuhai (5/2/2010 to 7/2/2010). We are looking for a short trip to cover these 2 cities. Can you arrange an iternary and accomodation for us? Can we request for a Chinese speaking guide?

Answer: We are glad to arrange this 2-Day Guangzhou and Zhuhai Tour for you. The Chinese speaking tour guide is also available. We have sent a customized itinerary and the cost to your mail. Please check and feel free to let us know with any other questions.
Question Source>Huangshan Tour :What i need is a bus on this 17 february 2010 for 11 person for two-day tour of Huangshan. At night we would like to stay there. Are we going to stay on the mountain or in the town. Is the cable car available in Huangshan? If so, we would like to request that for double way.

Answer: There’s no problem for us to provide this 2-Day Huangshan Tour for you. The cable car in Huangshan is available. We suggest you spend the night on the mountain in which way you can have plenty time to experience the scenery of Huangshan. Have sent the itinerary to you, please check.
Question Source>Lhasa Tours :i would like to know the cost for this Lhasa tour. will there be a tour scheduled around this time since it is chinese new year? we will be taking the train from chengdu going to lhasa making 3 day of trip on the date above. best regards, joan

Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. The Lhasa Tour is available during Chinese New Year. Would you like us to arrange the train tickets from Chengdu to Lhasa for you, or you will be in charge of that by yourself. Please refer to our page for the itinerary of Lhasa Tour.
Question Source>China Travel Prohibited Items :Hi My company wants me to go to China for 6 weeks. I am vegetarain. Can I carry readymade food or Home made food to China. So I can survive there. On Airport, will they allow home made food? Please advise...

Answer: Food prohibited from entering into China: Fresh fruits, eggplant vegetables, living animals (dogs and cats excluded), products made of animals and plants, pathogenic micro-organisms of animals and plants, insect pest and other harmful organisms, animal carcasses, soil, materials of transgenic organisms, relevant plants and animals in countries and regions where there is an epidemic, and products of such plants and animals, and other articles that require inspection; Unsanitary foods, medicine or other articles; those imported from the epidemic area; and other foods or medicines that may produce or breed infectious diseases.
Question Source>Xian Tour :I would like to have a quotation for a one day tour in Xian for 13 pax in Oct., including: - flight - airport transfers - Visit of the Terra-Cotta Warriors & Xian Provincial History Museum - guide - lunch (optional) Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Best, Magali.

Answer: Dear Magali, we are pleased to receive your inquiry for the Xian Tour. I have made a one day tour itinerary and quotation as you requested, please check!
Question Source>Guilin Tour :we are two people want to have a tour to Guilin on 10 Apr. We want to take Typical Guilin Tour. But I dont know if 4 days or 5 days is enough, can you recommend? Please send me cost and itinerary.

Answer: 4-5 days are enough for a typical Guilin tour which will show you what the city should offer. Guilin is famous for its natural beauty which is just like Chinese paintings and Li River Cruise. We add up all the highlights in the tour itinerary and please check the mail with quotation.
Question Source>Lijiang Tours :We want to book a one-day tour of Lijiang on Oct. 23, 2010. We would like to visit the snow-covered Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, White Water River and Baisha village and old town. Will we have the chance to see Baisha minorities dancing? Can you provide a tour guide, car and driver? There will be three of us. How much will this cost?

Answer: We can provide the one day Lijiang tour on Oct. 23rd for you. I have made an itinerary for you. Please check! I advise you to visit the Show of Lijiang Impression, because it is a famous show in Lijiang and directed by the famous Chinese Zhang Yimou, who directed the Beijing Olympic Game in Aug. this year. So you can enjoy the beautiful and magnificent show in Guilin.
Question Source>Beijing Muslim Tour :Can you arrange a muslim tour as above for half a day for 6 people on Wed.? We wish to start in the afternoon at 1.30 pm. This is because we have to attend a meeting in the morning. The visits to the 2 muslim mosques seems okay but can you also take us to shop at nearby places? especially the Muslim area. We would also appreciate if you can give the exact quotation for 6 persons. Thank you and best wishes, Ahmad Fadzil

Answer: We can provide a muslim tour for you in Beijing and also pick you up from your hotel. It’s no problem to add some shopping time for you in the muslim area. Please check the tour itinerary and quotation in your email.
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