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Welcome to have a view of Kashgar Tour page for reference. Kashgar, as a city of history spanning over 2,000 years, located at the foot of the Pamir Mountains and just west of the Taklamakan Desert. The city's historical importance originates from the fact that it was a pivotal city along the Silk Road in ancient times. Trade and other commercial activities were largely conducted in Kashgar, as caravans from the West and other parts of the world stopped to exchange and buy goods. Furthermore, the city was a gateway for travelers and merchants to Persia and India, as well as other ancient empires. Kashgar is also significant for being the hotbed of Islam.

Kashgar Highlight Day Tour

Kashgar,Tashkorgan,Khunjerab Tour

Kashgar,Tashkorgan,Khunjerab TourCode:CT419From:USD690

Tour Features:- What Kashgar tour presents to you is the unique flavor quite different from other place of China. Kashgar ..

Kashgar Urumqi Tour

Kashgar Urumqi TourCode:CT417From:USD690

Tour Features:- This tour will introduce you to the exotic folk culture of its people by excellently combining highlights ..

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