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Datong Travel Guide

Welcome to share things to see in Datong Guide. Situated in the far north on the fringe of Loess Plateau, Datong is the second largest city in Shanxi Province. The city has the outer Great Wall on its northern boundary line, surrounded by Inner Mongolia, Shuozhou, and Xinzhou on the west and south side, and Hebei Province on the east. Datong's splendid history spans over 2400 years. Included as one of the 24 historical and cultural sites published by the State Council, Datong boosts more than cultural relics and historical sites. One of these historical sites has entered into the prestigious World Cultural Heritage. Specifically, Datong's history has been an interesting and turbulent one to say the least. The city was first conquered by the Turkic Toba in the early 400s, who seizing on the conflict between central and southern China, established Datong as the capital of the Northern Wei Dynasty in 398 AD. The Northern Wei made important contributions to China, such as the cave temples in Yungang, which is still a widely acclaimed and visited site in the country. Today, Datong has been renowned for its Buddhist sites, as well as its proximity to Hengshan, which houses the five holy mountains of Taoism. Check the following Datong Attraction Guide for more things to do in Datong.

Datong Attraction Guide – Things To Do in Datong

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