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Tour to Huangshan takes you to a beautiful city combined with natural mountain beauty, Living up to its reputation as one of China's natural history and culture museums, the city of Huangshan can justifiably boast about its breathtaking natural scenery and grand architecture. Ancient scrolls of Chinese landscape paintings of high mountains, ancient pines, bizarre rocks, and seas of clouds come alive at Huangshan Mountain in southern Anhui Province. As beautiful as Huangshan Mountain is, there is much more to offer visitors than just the mountain. Nearby Huangshan City, and the ancient villages of Hongcun and Xidi are not to be missed sites on anyone's itinerary to China. Today it holds the same fascination for visitors, poets, painters and photographers who come on pilgrimage to the site.

Huangshan Highlight Day Tour

Mt. Huangshan Essence Tour

Mt. Huangshan Essence TourCode:CT890From:USD200

Tour Features:- This Huangshan 3-day sightseeing tour enables fan of natural landscape to fully enjoy the excellence of th..

Mt. Huangshan 1-Day Tour

Mt. Huangshan 1-Day TourCode:CT886From:USD110

Tour Features:- Mt. Huangshan One Day Tour take you to enjoy the beauty and four wonders of Yellow Mountain within one day..

Mt. Huangshan Discovery Tour

Mt. Huangshan Discovery TourCode:CT885From:USD320

Tour Features:- This tour will take you to enjoy “the Four Uniques” of Mt. Huangshan - rocky peaks, oddly-shaped pines, cr..

Huangshan Huizhou Culture Tour

Huangshan Huizhou Culture TourCode:CT880From:USD390

Tour Features:- During the six days, you have the opportunity to have a sightseeing of breathtaking natural scenery as wel..

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Question:What i need is a bus on this 17 february 2010 for 11 person for two-day tour of Huangshan. At night we would like to stay there. Are we going to stay on the mountain or in the town. Is the cable car available in Huangshan? If so, we would like to request that for double way.

Answer:There’s no problem for us to provide this 2-Day Huangshan Tour for you. The cable car in Huangshan is available. We suggest you spend the night on the mountain in which way you can have plenty time to experience the scenery of Huangshan. Have sent the itinerary to you, please check.