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Jilin Tour information is provided here for your reference. Situated in the middle latitudes of the northern hemisphere, at the northernmost section of the temperate zone in China, near the Yellow Sea and Sea of Japan, Jilin is a famous province in China, especially for its cold and snowy winter. As a result, the province enjoys a generally temperate continental climate. It has cold and long winters; warm, short, and rainy summers; windy springs; and autumns with ever-changing weather. The province has many tourist attractions, mostly reflecting contemporary Chinese history. Amongst them, the most popular include the former government office of the Japanese puppet state.

Jilin Highlight Day Tour

Jilin City Highlight Tour

Jilin City Highlight TourCode:CT369From:USD65

Tour Features:- This tour helps you to see the highlights of Jilin City. Jilin is a city known more for its industry but t..

Jilin Changbaishan Tour

Jilin Changbaishan TourCode:CT367From:USD155

Tour Features:- This tour is combined with an exciting visit to Changbaishan. Changbaishan Mountain, extending in Antu and..

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