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Suzhou Tours provided here include lots of beautiful and exquisite scenic spots there. Suzhou, being a well-known tourist and cultural city as well as an economic opening area with 2500 years of history, located in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, with Shanghai to the east and Zhejiang to the south. The town is reminiscent of the Venice of Italy, as it is built on a network of interlocking canals and lush gardens. Suzhou tour enjoys a favorable climate and a comfortable environment. No wonder why there is an old Chinese saying to describe Suzhou tour: "Paradise in Heaven, Suzhou and Hangzhou on Earth". Our exquisite tours to Suzhou will enthrall you with the unique and lingering charm of its city landscape, especially the many fantastic gardens, which have high reputation for their tranquil beauty, featured landscapes and architectural splendours.

Suzhou Highlight Day Tour

Suzhou One Day Garden Tour

Suzhou One Day Garden TourCode:CT690From:USD50

Tour Features:- Suzhou 1-Day Garden Tour is offered to enjoy the most famous Chinese traditional gardens in Suzhou within ..

Suzhou Grand Canal & Silk Tour

Suzhou Grand Canal & Silk TourCode:CT689From:USD50

Tour Features:- Suzhou Grand Canal & Silk Tour takes you explore Suzhou’s two featured elements: Grand Canal and Silk. Pra..

Suzhou Zhouzhuang One Day Tour

Suzhou Zhouzhuang One Day TourCode:CT688From:USD65

Tour Features:- Suzhou Zhouzhuang One Day Tour is a day trip away from Suzhou to the beautiful water town of Zhouzhuang. I..

Shanghai Suzhou One Day Tour

Shanghai Suzhou One Day TourCode:CT687From:USD65

Tour Features:- Shanghai Suzhou 1-Day Tour gives you a chance to take a escape from the bustling Shanghai to the elegant S..

Suzhou Wuxi One Day Tour

Suzhou Wuxi One Day TourCode:CT686From:USD65

Tour Features:- Suzhou Wuxi 1-Day Tour will bring you two of the most beautiful and elegant cities on Yangtze River Delta ..

Suzhou 3 Days City Tour

Suzhou 3 Days City TourCode:CT685From:USD200

Tour Features:- Suzhou 3 Days City Tour offers you the opportunity to appreciate the natural beauty and historical culture..

Shanghai Suzhou Hangzhou Tour

Shanghai Suzhou Hangzhou TourCode:CT684From:USD210

Tour Features:- Shanghai Suzhou and Hangzhou Tour offers the opportunity for you to explore the most famous three cities i..

Suzhou Luxury 4 Days Tour

Suzhou Luxury 4 Days TourCode:CT683From:USD230

Tour Features:- Suzhou 4 Days Luxury Tour brings you to explore the beauty of Suzhou city and taste the ancient favor of t..

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