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China Child Adoption

Adopting a child from China can be an exciting opportunity for your family, but you'll have many papers to file before the pitter-patter of little feet fills your home. Under the adoption law of the People's Republic of China, several requirements are set out which define eligibility. They are as follows:"Childless" requires that the prospective adopters have no other children, biological, adopted or otherwise. "The capacity of rearing and educating the adoptee." Future parents should have all necessary means and rights to bring up the adopted children and caring for intellectual, moral and monetary needs as well as fulfilling all parental obligations. "No such diseases as considered medically unfit for adoption" Adopters may not suffer from mental or infectious diseases. "30 years old" The minimum age requirement is 30 years old. In cases of joint adoption by a couple, both parties must be above the age requirement.
When a foreigner adopts a child in China, his or her adoption shall be examined and approved by the responsible agency of the adopter's resident country and the adopters shall satisfy the following requirements: 1) Childless, neither birth child and adopted child; 2) Capable of raising and educating the adoptee; 3) No illness which is deemed as medically inappropriate for the adopter to adopt children; 4) Adopter should be 30 years old and above. The full adoption process mainly include following procedures: 1) Apply for a international adoption at the adoption organization in the adopter's resident country; 2) Obtain some relevant certificates under the instruction of the adoption organization. 3) Prepare dossier and offer application to China Center of Adoption Affairs 4) Wait for the examination and, if qualified, the referral of a child (6-8 months)

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