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China Tour Tipping Advice

Tipping is not a part of Chinese culture or tradition, and several establishments actually have a strict no tipping policy. This includes restaurants, massage studios, etc. In fact, tipping, previously a rarity in China is seeing increasing popularity with the increased foreign tourist marker and is now often part of the tourist experience. Tour guides working for organised group tours may expect tips which, along with commissions, may form the bulk of their income. Private or independent guides work for an agreed fee and tipping in cash should not be necessary. Tipping for tour guides and drivers in recognition of their good service has become a common practice. Hotel bellboys and house keepers expect your tips as well.
Tips are included in the tour price for cruise ships and hotels, though shows of generosity are always appreciated. Tour guides may or may not expect tips. China taxi drivers almost never expect a tip, however their counterparts in Hong Kong are a different story. The only place where a tip might be expected is at a high-end hotel catering to western tourists. And the only reason tipping may be expected there is because western tourists have conditioned the behavior. Still, not tipping will not cause offence. Taxi drivers in Beijing, Shanghai and most other Chinese cities are not accustomed to tipping at all because they are required by the law to give a receipt to every passenger.

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