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China Travel Clothing Advice

Clothing choices in China should be dictated by the seasons and areas, Our advice is to check the climate of your destination, and then see what kind of clothes you require. In the summer, much of China is hot with very high humidity, light cotton clothes will be the most comfortable, make sure they are not too delicate and are easily washable especially by hand. Remember to take leisurewear which will keep you relaxed and comfortable, clothes that dry easily, a waterproof and umbrella. For travel during the rainy season, from May to August, a raincoat is recommended. In winter, much of China is in the grip of cold weather, especially in the north of the country. It is prudent to wear several layers of clothing, generally thermal or silk underwear under a sweater and padded jacket.
When traveling in spring or autumn, clothing should be casual and comfortable without being too revealing. Trousers are recommended for women traveling in China, as many temples will refuse entrance to anyone wearing a skirt. Slacks are commonly worn by many Chinese women and are a good idea for anyone interested in more strenuous sightseeing. Padded jackets and boots and readily and cheaply available in all sizes and styles, making them amongst the best buys to be found in China and easily acquirable if needed. Besides, do not take too many formal clothes, sturdy clothes, or military-styled clothing in case of unnecessary misunderstandings. A good pair of comfortable walking shoes and stylish flats are highly recommended.

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