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China Travel in Groups

Traveling in China is exciting and now offers more flexibility, especially if you organise group traveling. Whether your preference is for first class travel, super-deluxe package tours or budget travel, China can provide something for your taste. Many foreigners find it very difficult to choose what is the best way to travel China. Of course both have their merit and demerit points. It all depends largely on what kind of experience a traveler would want to have and the kind of traveler one is. Group travel is the easiest way to travel in China in comfort and without costing too much. With the right deal, your itinerary, hotel accommodation and meals, and sightseeing tours will be booked in advance by the travel agency, whose price will cover the majority of expenses for the trip, allowing you to spend your additional money on shopping and leisure.
Group Travel is comfortable, safe, guaranteed. Suitable for older and female travelers, travelers with children, first timers to China, those with time constraint and budget travelers. Your travel agency will be able to arrange a local tour guide to pick you up at the airport and accompany you during your holiday. They will be in charge of guiding you around the scenic spots and tourist attractions of China. The travel agency will arrange everything for you, including a detailed travel itinerary, lodging, meals, visits, entertainment and so on. In a group tour you share one tourist bus, licensed driver, and a knowledgeable tour guide with others. If your group contains more than 10 people, there will be a permanent Chinese tour guide allocated to your group as well as the local tour guides who will guide you around the particular sites.

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