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Useful Telephone Numbers

During your traveling of China, if you happen to meet the emergent situations (such as fire and traffic accidents), or unexpectedly meet some trouble or have some questions to inquire, here are some useful telephone numbers available in China, which will be a great help to you. You can dial the following telephone numbers in common use for help. Some need, and we already include area code in brackets, if dialing without the local area, area code is required to be added. If you're dailing from outside mainland China, country code 86 is required before the area code and phone number. If you use a cell phone, you can not dail any number like 800 xxx xxxx, for it was closed to mobile system.
Police 110
Local Telephone Directory Inquiry 114
Domestic Long Distance Inquiry  116
Talking Clock  117
Fire Service 119
Ambulance  120
Weather Forecast  121
Traffic Police 122
Mobile Phone Subscriber Service 1860
Civil Aviation Information 2580
Air Ticketing Service 2581
Commercial Information Service 2583
Railway Information Inquiry  2585
Tourist Hotline 86-10-6513 0828
Beijing China Travel Service 86-10-6515 8264
China International Travel Service 86-10-6601 1122

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