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dan sullivan's China Vacation Feedback

To thank you for me personally and for my wife, son and daughter for the most enjoyable traveling experience we have ever endeavoured, as well as perhaps the most informative period in my entire life, in many respects, but most profoundly in our cultural links which origininated in your most interesting country and the people we met there. i would like to ask for you to convey this appreciation to the guides you wisely provided for us and not to slight the drivers as well, for we appreciate the degree of difficulty of driving in large metropolitan areas which have different driving styles than what we are used to. i particular i would like to tell you of the extraordinary rapport that we felt with t.j., our beijing guide. my wife felt this to the extent of shedding a tear on our departure from beijing. i believe this was a special situation, part of which was our small group, but one we will never forget. all of our guides were very friendly and informational and our drivers skillfull. after our return, i find myself even more desire to learn more about china than before our visit. all of our friends suddenly are caught up in our tale of the sights and people of china.(at least the places we visited.)

we are highly reccommending your travel service as a top flight and well run enterprise that they should all take advantage of. the sights we saw and the treasures we were able to bring back as souveniers are a source of great joy, not to mention the exellent pictures and video that i was able to bring back. (especially nice for margaret who could not go because of a broken arm). not to take more of your valuable time, one more thanks and perhaps a picture that i think captures the beauty of an old garden in which my daughter and son are included. please also to feel free to use this thanks as a testemonial for your excellent tour package.

sincerely yours,

dan sullivan and family.