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David Sandberg's China Tour

To our travel counsellors,
Our trip to China run smoothly through out the way, thanks.
All our meals in Beijing were fine, especially the Beijing Duck. Jimmy;s Restaurant in Langshou was also very, very good. Most of the others were un-noteworthy. Hotels were very, very good - and service was excellent in all of them - with the possible exception of the Paradise in Langshou.
All our guides were good and personable. "John" in Shanghai has limited command and understanding of English, but is a fine, motivated young man. Our favorites were "Marcus" in Beijing, "Judy" in Chongqing, and "William" in Guillin.
Our drivers were all very fine and helpful - even though the amount of our luggage seemed to daunt them on first glance!
We were happy with your service, except for a few glitches in Shanghai. Late flights into Shanghai and Yichang really complicated and compromised our visits there.
The Victoria Cruise was outstanding in its service - upgrades on that cruise are really worth it, especially for the dining.
We will forward some pictures when available.
Thank you for all again.
David Sandberg