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John and Jolyn's China Trip Feedback


What a wonderful trip you and itourbeijing made for us!! Everyone that went on the trip with us is ready to come back. China has left an impression on us that will never be lost. You were a very big part of us falling in love with the the country and the people. We were very sincere about returning--- in fact we were so sincere that both of us plan to begin a study of Mandrin-Chinsese language.I don't know how successful we will be but it should be good for several laughs when we try it on you! Jo and I both have a distinct feeling that China has a big part in our future. We have visited many places on this earth but have not had anyplace leave an impression upon us and a feeling of connection with the people like China. I beleive we have begun a life time friendship with you and that alone was worth the trip.

Your American family,John and Jolyn