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Richard's China Vacation Feedback

I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone involved with Uday's and my June trip to Beijing. As there are alot of different tour companies to select from in Beijing we took alot of precautions in who to select. This involved so many questions back and fourth to the different companies prior to selecting the right vendor. Then once we selected itourbeijing we had to customize all of the different tours we wanted to take and arrange a deposit from India.
Needless to say in this case we made all of the correct decisions in doing this. And with all of the communications from Michael Liu prior to arriving helped our tour guide Lili to execute our stay just perfectly. Lili went out of her way to make sure everything was flawless. She arrived early for all of our days and answered all of our questions well above and beyond the need of her position. Even to the details of where to go for dinner and just getting around. Lili was better than any Lonely Planet tour book could have ever been.
I've attached a picture of all of us on the Great Wall. I work in the Customer Service world and for a client to want a picture of their tour guide speaks leaps and bounds on the type of service they delivered. >From Lili's wonderful performance I've already recommended your company to several of my clients and their associates. We also plan to use you on our return trip to China.
Thanks once again for everything............

Richard S. Van Pelt
Director of Training