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India, officially the Republic of India, is a south asian country with the second largest population of 1.2 million in the world. English is one of the official languages after Hindi since India got indepence from British rule on August 15th, 1947. The Republic Day of India is January 26th. India is the home to the ancient Indus Valley Civilisation and a region of historic trade routes and vast empires. India was the largest trading partner of China in South Asia. New Delhi is the capital. India has developped a mutual diplomatic relation with China since April 1st, 1950.

Embassy of China in India
Tel: +91-11-26112345 (24 hours service line), 26871585
Fax: +91-11-26885486
E-mail: chinaemb_in@mfa.gov.cn
Embassy of the Republic of India in Beijing
Add: No.1, Ri Tan Dong Lu
Tel: +86-10-65321908
Fax: +86-10-65324684
E-mail: webmaster@indianembassy.org.cn
Website: http://www.indianembassy.org.cn/
Consulate General of the Republic of India in Shanghai
Add: Room 1008, Shanghai International Trade Center, No.2201 Yan'an Xi Lu
Tel: +86-21-62758882/62758885/62758886
Fax: +86-21-62758881
E-mail: cgisha@public.sta.net.cn
Website: www.shanghai-ed.com/india

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