Silk Road Pictures

Silk Road pictures provides you the photos of famous attractions and views along the Silk Road. Silk Road is an historical route which connected ancient china to the various ancient countries in the west through commercial trade. This ancient road begins at Xian, winds to Gansu Province along the Hexi Corridor and reaches Dunhuang. The route then traverses the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, where the cultures of the East and West meet.

The Photo of Yardang Geology

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The Photo of Yardang Geology
Picture of Kanas Lake
Photo of The Southern Pasture
The Grand Kuqa Mosque
The City of Devil
Jiaohe Acient City on Silk Road
Turpan Sugong Tower on Silk Road
Photo of Idkar Mosque
The Grape Valley in Turpan on Silk Road
Ten Thousands Buddhas Mountain
Photo of Uygur Minority People of Silk Road
The Photo of Yardang Geology