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Shenzhen Tycoon Golf Club, officially opened on March 20th, 1999, is a wholly-owned subsidiary organ of China Travel International Investment Hong Kong Limited. Enjoying the best location, it only takes around 30 minutes' drive from the downtown area of Shenzhen and 15 minutes' drive from the Shenzhen Baoan International Airport. Shenzhen Tycoon Golf Club is a mixture of Japanese and European styles, with a 27-hole golf course and surrounded by the lake, forest, hills, fresh air and breathtaking scenery. Field A, B is a Japanese golf court designed by Japanese designer UEHARA with 18 holes. Field C is designed by American golf designer Bob McFarland with 9 holes, which blends into the natural surroundings.
Field C is also added with light facility for longer playing time. In addition, dining and well-being facility are all in readiness. With the increasing guest rooms and modern council chamber, the Shenzhen Tycoon Golf Club has become a good place for business and leisure. Welcome to contact us if you want to reserve Shenzhen Tycoon Golf Club, we will help with the golf bookings and provide more details. Or you can make the golf reservation directly through the contact information below: Club Address: Jiu Wei, Xi Xiang Town, Boan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. Contact Number: 86-10-85968802

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