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Golf Courses in Chengdu are not many in number but under the important golf courses of China. However, it's even better to combine playing golf with sightseeing tours. There are also modern club houses which serve delicious food and drinks and helps the players in relaxing after the game. With the living standards rising in Chengdu, one of the famous golf cities in China, more golf courses have been built. And because playing golf is very cheap in Chengdu, it attracts many foreigners who come to enjoy the game. In fact, many golf courses are located not far away from famous scenic spots, so it's very convenient for you to enjoy both... Although it doesn't have so many golf clubs in the city, the courses are all the famous in China and can give an exotic experience for the golfers. Since the courses are all constructed in American style and surrounded by greenery on all sides, it gives the golfers a high level enjoyment during the playing and a relaxing after the game. Magnificent Golf Courses in Chengdu has tight driving holes, clean and well cultivated fairways to make the game more challenging and exciting. Besides the golf courses in Chengdu. We offer tour packages playing at a reasonable rate on the golf clubs in Chengdu.

Chengdu Golf Tours

Sichuan Chengdu Golf Tour 4 DaysCode:GT148From:USD380

Trip Highlights- Golf is a very well-liked game in Chengdu. Luxe hills golf & country club and Sichuan International Golf Club in Che...

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