Meng Jiang Nv Temple

The Meng Jiang Nu Temple was built before the Song Dynasty on Mt. Fenghuang, just east of Shanhaiguan Pass. It was last repaired during the Ming Dynasty. There is a legend about this Meng Jiang Nu Temple that starts with the Qin Emperor Shi Huangdi. A long time ago, hundreds of thousands of workers were ordered to rebuild the Great Wall and Meng Jaingnu came to the area of Shanhaiguan to find her husband, who was one of these workers. Meng Jiang Nu found that this man had died from the intense labor; she cried so hard that some of the wall collapsed along with his corpse.
Meng Jiangnu carried him and the wall to the sea and through them out. In order to honor this woman and her story, the people in the area built this temple. The Meng Jiang Nu Temple itself has two halls with the front hall displaying a terracotta statue of Meng Jiangnu. Here’s some guide information of Meng Jiang Nu Temple: Address: Mengjiangnu village, Mengjiang town, Shanhaiguan District, Qinhuangdao Contact Number: 0086-335-5053159 Admission fee: CNY25/Person Openning hours: 08:00-16:00.

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