Dadonghai Beach is one of the most famous travel sites and the cleanest beaches located in Sanya and Hainan Island. Dadonghai has a 2.3 kilometers long crescent-shaped beach and clear blue sea, sunshine, white sand and green trees with all of which creating a beautiful location in the Torrid Zone. It is only 3 kilometers away from the city center and off the main road. It is very easy to get to the beach and offers great facilities. People have a variety of different water sports to participate in as well as several restaurants and bars. The evening is also a fun time to relax, watch the sunset and enjoy yourself. Dadonghai has spring-like weather all year round. The water temperature is about 20C degrees even in winter, hence its reputation as an idyllic spot for winter holidaying and relaxation.
It also has several shopping areas; the largest shopping center is the Sanya-Ruihai Shopping Park, then Dadonghai Pearl Square, Tropical Rain Forest Square, Seashore Lovers Road and Seafood Barbecue Square, are all able to offer leisure for tourists. 300 meters (about 328 yards) east along the beach is Seashore Park. Standing on the top of the small mountain inside the park, you have a panoramic view of the beach. Dadonghai is a wonderful outdoor swimming and bathing place. At the thought of vernal sunshine and soft sea breezes you will be agreeably dissolved into the blue sky and seawater. Here's some guide information in your travel of Dadonghai: Transportation: Bus or taxi from Sanya Phoenix International Airport directly to Dadonghai. Sightseeing bus (10 minutes once) special for tour line (from 7:15 to 19:00) to Dadonghai.

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