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Ancient Weaponry

Ancient Chinese furniture has a nice reputation in modern China and the West alike, since ancient furniture features profound cultural facts and superb craftsmanship. Chinese furniture includes Chinese antique furniture and Chinese classic furniture, usually, the former is made in softwood and the later is made in hardwood. It was from this basis that more modern Chinese furniture developed its distinguishing characteristics. Use of thick lacquer finish and detailed engravings and paintings as well as pragmatic design elements would continue to flourish. Chinese furniture, mostly made of precious wood, of the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties are widely recognized as the best. Now, Furniture-making centers were formed in Beijing, Shanxi, Guangzhou and Suzhou.
The weapons used by the ancient Chinese army were masterpieces of engineering, which evolved throughout the history of China. Ancient weapons come in three forms, ranged weapons, melee (close combat) and siege weapons. The Terracotta Warriors show that even as early as the Qin Dynasty highly advanced metallurgical techniques were in common practice. They have offered a wealth of information about the type of cast weapon forging in practice at the time. The age of ancient weapons technically ended with the dawn of the medieval period, but these human powered weapons continued to dominate battlefields up until the ascendance of firearms. To appreciate an ancient weapon, it is not enough just to value it according to the time, what you are expected to do is to assess its workmanship, whether it represents the advanced level, and whether it has relationship with historical figures.

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