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Chinese Tai chi

Tai Chi is a physical art form that integrates mind, body and spirit. It teaches an awareness of our bodies and helps to balance our minds. Tai Chi is based on the concept of Chi, the life energy that flows within all living things, and practitioners aim to harness and direct their Chi to promote health and mental wellbeing. It is highly accessible to people of all ages and can be easily practiced at home. The slow, controlled movements of Tai Chi mean that some modified forms can be practiced by individuals with limited mobility. In fact, Tai Chi is particularly beneficial to the elderly and people with impaired motor skills. Because the Tai Chi movements have their origins in the martial arts, practicing them does have some martial applications.
One of the avowed aims of Tai Chi is to foster the circulation of this 'chi' within the body, the belief being that by doing so the health and vitality of the person are enhanced. Another aim of Tai Chi is to foster a calm and tranquil mind, focused on the precise execution of these exercises. The practical exercises of Tai Chi are also situated in a wider philosophical context of Taoism. Deep breathing promotes relaxation, reduces stress and improves concentration. Focused attention not only relaxes the body and mind, it helps cultivate mental alertness. The exercises strengthen muscles and bones and is are good preventive measures for osteoporosis. And since Tai Chi emphasizes correct posture and balance, the exercise may be a safer alternative than other physical activities.

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