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Martial Arts (Kongfu)

Martial arts enjoy a special place in Chinese spiritual and cultural landscape. Kung Fu is an art that entails not only self defense skills or getting in shape but also teaches about the mind, body and spirit and how one can grow in all aspects of life. The martial arts developed there were expressions of Chan Buddhism which emphasizes wisdom through the understanding of life and the natural world. In modern times, Wu-shu emerged as a mixture of circus-like acrobatics and martial arts, and in China, national competitions are held in this sport. Jet-Li is a famous exponent of Wu-Shu, popularising the art in the West by appearing in martial arts movies.
We follow the Shaolin tradition. The techniques, skills, and philosophies have been training people for over 1500 years. The Shaolin Temple has not only founded the Shaolin Martial Arts but also the esoteric art of Zen, which is integral to Chinese Buddhism. Shaolin Kung Fu originated in the Temple on Mount Songshan. Shaolin Kung Fu has become very popular internationally and is a highly recognized symbol of China's cultural heritage. Monks sought spiritual enlightenment through the martial arts and the emulation of animals. Shaolin masters are currently trying to protect the authentic Shaolin Spirit from being degraded and misused for commercial purposes in recent years by raising awareness of the true spiritual purposes behind the Kung Fu.

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