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Chinese Pearl

Pearl was discovered by Chinese people when searching ocean for food as early as 4000 years ago. Since then, countless pearl jewelry and artwork have been created by talented Chinese people. People in China have been collecting, growing, and harvesting pearls for over two thousand years, which making it the oldest pearl production tradition anywhere in the world. China was also the first country to develop cultured pearls. Hence, pearl has been one of the important parts of Chinese culture. In addition, China pearl industry is ancient. We combine cutting-edge technology with knowledge accumulated over thousands of years to grow the best pearls in the world.
China is huge, with diverse waterways that provide many different environments for oysters. We have vast watersheds that provide huge breeding areas for oysters, and millions of tons of natural food. In the South, our waters are just the right temperature and salinity to encourage oysters to grow. The sale of pearls was interrupted by the second world war, but by the 1950's the trade had revived, with strands being sold in Japan for much less expense that the saltwater variety. Nowadays, with production volume of 96% of pearls sold worldwide, the industry would come to a standstill without pearls from China. China is, in fact, the main pearls exporting country to Japan. In fact, a large quantity of China pearls are used for Japanese pearl jewelry.

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