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Chinese Dumplings

Chinese Dumplings ("Jiaozi" in Chinese) are perhaps the most traditional of Chinese foods. Dumplings come in a variety of flavours, due to their many delicious combinations of fresh meat and vegetable fillings. Making dumplings is a team effort and is often an activity that the whole family engages in together. They are simply boiled to cook and often eaten with a special vinegar. Dumplings gain special significance at certain festivals, most notably the New Year Festival. It is traditional for families to come together for a special meal of dumplings, to bring in the New Year. Dumplings have a symbolic role to play since their shape closely resembles the old gold and silver currency and so they are believed to bring wealth and prosperity.
Dumplings typically consist of minced meat and vegetable fillings wrapped in thin round flour dough skins or wrappers, which are then sealed and pleated by hand. Following elaborates the main steps on how to make dumplings: 1) Shred the cabbage and put into a stainless pot. 2) Mix the cabbage and minced meat together by hand. 3) Add the balm, salt and a little cornstarch or cornflour and mix again. 4) Massage the cabbage mixture with your hand for 10 minutes. 5) Put the mixture on the wrapping. 6) Wet the edge with a damp finger and fold the sides together, crimping (pressing together) with your fingers to seal the contents inside. 7) Wrap the crusts up. 8) Put the dumplings in boiling water. 9) Transfer the dumplings carefully from the pot to a plate and enjoy.

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