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Chinese Music

Chinese music is distinctive and breathtaking, and even the modern Chinese music, which has been influenced by western styles, is distinctive. Traditional Chinese music can be traced back to 7,000 - 8,000 years. Traditional Chinese music has remained poplar throughout many generations, and are likely to remain popular through the years to come. However, "Chinese traditional music" is to broad a title, as the regional varieties involved in the music of the different people of China are distinct, with each region having their own style. Traditional Chinese musical instruments can be divided into four categories: stringed instruments, percussion instruments, plucked instruments, and wind instruments. Chinese music stresses five musical elements, with a five tone scale instead of the Western eight tone scale.
The two strands of Chinese musical tradition are classical and folk tradition. Classical tradition is considered more sophisticated in comparison to folk music and dance music. These classical traditions can be dated back hundreds of years, if not thousands in Chinese history. Throughout this time, it has consisted as an oral tradition, being passed down from successive generations. Whilst the music was written down on musical scores, it is almost impossible to play directly from these written scores without the aid of a teacher. Chinese peasants were clever enough to compose folk songs, which also developed independently with local flavor. Folk songs described working and daily life such as fishing, farming, and herding and were very popular among the common people.

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