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Marriage Custom

China has marriage customs that can be dated back to the Warring States period (402-221 B.C.). In ancient times, it was very important to follow the customs of Three Letters And Six Etiquettes, to successfully complete a marriage proposal. The Wedding Letter refers to the document which was presented to the bride's family on the day of the wedding to confirm the formal acceptance of the bride into the bridegroom's family. Almost everything in a Chinese wedding is red, the most auspicious and fortunate of colours in China. Everything from the bride's veil to the napkins will be red. The bride usually waits after the meal for her husband to bring her to her new home amid the good natured advice on how to be a good wife from all the married women in attendance.
On the Wedding day itself the groom set out, accompanied by an escort of friends and musicians, to receive his bride. Further ceremonial festivities such as the Teasing Games, were held in the evening. Other customary practices include the preparation of the bridal bed. Before the wedding a local woman will arrange the bridal bed and scatter candies, lotus seeds, peanuts, beans and fruits symbolizing good luck and fortune on the bed. According to tradition nobody is allowed to touch the bed until the couple enters the bridal chamber after the wedding ceremony. Traditionally, the newlyweds return to visit the bride's parents between one and three days after the wedding to pay their respects.

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