China Travel FAQ

Here we collect a list of frequent asked questions about China Tours and all information on China Travel. All these questions are given practical answers by our China tour consultants and China travel advisors. Hope the China FAQs can provide you with useful references when you plan Beijing Tours.
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Question Source>Beijing Tianjin Tour :I’m very interested in this 1 Day Beijing Tianjin Tour. Is Tianjin an interesting place to visit? We want to go there by high-speed train. If so, would there be any change for the cost? We are planning a tour to Tianjin from Beijing on Oct.5th. Could you arrange this tour for me and let me know the price.

Answer: Glad to receive your inquiry. It takes one hour and a half to drive from Beijing to Tianjin, while only half an hour if you take high-speed train. But the costs will be a little expensive. I have sent the itinerary of this Beijing Tianjin Tour to your email. Please check. Monica
Question Source>Manchu-kuo Imperial Palace :I’ve been teaching in China northeast for half a year and will attend an education fair in Changchun next month. I have half day free and would like to visit the Imperial Palace of the Puppet Manchurian State. Until when the museum opens?

Answer: Changchun Imperial Palace of Manchurian State is worth visiting for any who is interested in Chinese history. The Manchukuo Imperial Palace opens till 6pm in summer and 5pm in winter. Please remind they stop selling tickets 1 hour before it is close. Besides, the Museum of Imperial Palace of Manchu State provides audio guides which are of particular benefit to Westerners.
Question Source>Terra-Cotta Warriors Travel Guide :Is it easy to get a taxi to reach Terra Cotta Warriors or it's better to book a tour via travel agency? I read in one of our guide books that the Terra Cotta Warriors Museum is going to raise the entrance fees. Does anyone know if this is true?

Answer: It will be easier for you to book a Terra Cotta Warriors tour than go there by yourself. The English-speaking guide will help in both communications and explanations. Regarding to the tickets, the price of Terra Cotta Warriors will be raised to RMB150 per person from next March.
Question Source>Hangzhou Pictures :Hi,I have a couple of questions: I have a weekend there, should I stay in Hangzhou or are there good places close by the water town? Which water town is better for photography? And what's the best location for the hotel in the city?

Answer: The hotels near the West Lake can be taken as good location, and it will be so good for booking the lake-view room. You will enjoy the beautiful picture through the window. Any water town will cost at least 1.5-2 hours drive, all good for photos.
Question Source>Huangshan Pictures :I'm in China right now and will spend 3 days in Huangshan next week. I'm a kind of need a company, just traveling together and help to take photos. Better if can speak Mandarin. Anybody have interest please send me email and please enclose your picture.

Answer: Do you mean the mountain or the city? You can check the pictures on the website that Huangshan is the town where Yellow Mountain is located. 3 days is enough to climb the mountain as well as to visiting the town. I'd like to send you some photos I took, if you need.
Question Source>Hong Kong Photos :I was wondering what the policy is regarding taking a few photos inside the airport. Would it be allowed to take a picture of security staff or equipment? I know what the rules are regarding photographic equipment inside an aircraft, but different laws apply to different countries.

Answer: We were so excited to be in HongKong, my daughter tried to take a picture of the banner while waiting in immigration and got into trouble from a guard. Except the security check, immigration and customs area, taking photos should have no problem in Hongkong Airport.
Question Source>Dali Pictures :I am planning to take my wedding pictures in Dali this May! My boyfriend's family is in Yunnan, and probably going to do the wedding there!

Answer: Dali can indeed be a good place to take your pictures. Very beautiful. A few of my friends went to Dali for their photos, and I was so impressed! In fact, I plan to take my wedding pictures there if I do get married someday... You are so lucky!
Question Source>Longsheng and Longji Terraces :Hi, I'll travel in Guilin and want to visit Longsheng and Longji Village. Anyone knows if one day is enough to visit Longji terraces? How can I get to Longsheng? Will that be a lot walks there?

Answer: One day is enough to visit Longshen. It is about 2.5-3 hours’ drive from Guilin to Longsheng. Longji Village is a part of Longsheng county. You have to walk from bottom of the mountain to the top to enjoy the terrace, which will take you around one hour.
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