China Travel FAQ

Here we collect a list of frequent asked questions about China Tours and all information on China Travel. All these questions are given practical answers by our China tour consultants and China travel advisors. Hope the China FAQs can provide you with useful references when you plan Beijing Tours.
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Question Source>Beijing Acrobatic Show :We will be travelling to Beijing in December with kids (aged 9-15) and would like to see a night show. I don't want serious performances but to experience a Chinese acrobatic show. Can you give me any advice on which place to go for good acrobatic show in Beijing?

Answer: Yes, acrobatic show is more exciting than the other night performances in Beijing, expecially for chirldren. There are many theaters in Beijing having acrobatic shows at night. Different prices and different time. Have sent the details to your email. We also would like help with the ticket booking.
Question Source>China Shandong Confucius Tour :We are interested in the confucian Tour in Shandong, to start on June 5 and to end on June 13, 2010. Is this a group tour or could we travel with our own driver and guide? Could you provide this tour for us, and what would be the approximate cost? Thank you. Charles and Laurie McClain

Answer: Yes, we will arrange this Shandong tour only for your group, you will have the private vehicle, driver, and guide. According to your request, we made the itinerary, please check. Please let us know: how many people in your group? Which kind of hotel you want to stay in this tour?Then we will make a best rate for you.
Question Source>Tiananmen Square Travel Guide :Many guide books about Beijing tell that Tian’anmen Square is the largest square in the world. Just wondering if it is and what about the red square in Moscow?

Answer: Yes, Tian’anmen Square is the largest city plaza in the world. The Tiananmen Square covers an area of 440,000 m2 with 880 meters long east-west and 500 meters long south-north, which can hold more or less one million people at one time. It is 5 times larger than red square in Moscow.
Question Source>Grassland Tour :We would like to spend a few days in grassland which can be accessed from Beijing. Our options are open, depending on the cost. Can estimate the charges for the 3 options, and can u send us some photos of the grassland to refer? We don't know what to expect in the various options.

Answer: 1/One or two days for grassland, you could go to Kangxi Grassland near Beijing. 2/Three or four days grassland tour, you could go to Kangxi Grassland in Chengde & sandland view in Hohhot and Baotou, inner Mongolia. 3/The most beautiful and best protected grassland located in Hailaer in Inner Mongolia. Of course that will cost more travel fare and time. So, What kind of Grassland Tour would you like to take?
Question Source>Yantze River Cruise Tour :There are atleast two and possibly four that would like to take the Delux class 9 day Yangtze River cruise tours of Beihing-chongqing-cruise-yichang-shanghi tour beginning June 5 and ending June 13. Is this available?

Answer: Yes, this Yantze River Cruise Tour is available. Please refer to our webpage for the itinerary and quotation. Feel free to let us know if you are going to proceed on booking this cruise tour.
Question Source>Forbidden City :I will be in Beijing over chinese new year and am wondering if the forbidden city are open during that time. Also, we would like to know what will be available to see in the Forbidden City in winter time? Because we read from many guide books that it will be under repairs.

Answer: It is open during Chinese new year, but might close a little bit earlier, see the notice at the entrance will be fine. Most highlight parts are ok to visit in winter time.They may close some buildings with exhibition.
Question Source>Temple of Heaven Travel Guide :Does Temple of Heaven has audio guides for rental like the other sites in Beijing? Do I need such guide when traveling at Temple of Heaven, or is the attractions inside self-explanatory. Appreciate your advice.

Answer: The Temple of Heaven has audio guides, and in my opinion, it is not very self-explanatory. The Temple of Heaven was an important site in imperial sacrifices, and the site is full of symbolism. It helps to have some travel information about that.
Question Source>Summer Palace :I read from some travel guide books that the subway Line 4 to Summer Palace is going to open for public? And, will the lake at Summer Palace be frozen during Dec.? I m keen to view a frozen lake so hope able to see it during my travel at Summer Palace this Dec.

Answer: Line 4 has been opened to the public. It could be frozen in Dec for summer palace, not every year.
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