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Beijing, the capital city of China, is one of the metroplitans in China and can provide high standard golf courses for all the guests from home and abroad. The first thing one notices about golf in China is how many players seem to have decent swings. Golf is the latest fashion in Beijing, spurred by the broadening interests of the new middle class. Going to play golf, people can not only get rid of the crowded indoor areas, but also enjoy fresh-air and green course to relax themselves. However, the golf in Beijing is actually a seasonable outdoors sport. From late April when the courses become green, people will go out to begin playing golf, and it will last till December. The city has about 20 golf clubs and golf courses of large and small scale both in downtown and suburban area. Many of them were set up during the 1980s and1990s near rivers or reservoirs. Most golf courses in Beijing are up to international standards offering the best facilities for golf lovers and are well equipped with complete services, including: locker room, caddie, cart and others relative to the golf. Welcome to have a view of the list of Beijing golf clubs and our golf tour packages. Please feel free to contact us design your own golf tours in Beijing!

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Trip Highlights- As the income of the middle class Chinese grows, the popularity of golf is also increasing. China's golf courses are...

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