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Xian Tours here are designed to show you the glory of this great city with its ancient flavor. Xian, China's capital during the flamboyant and sophisticated Tang Dynasty, has so much to offer. Xian, named "Chang'an" during the Han Dynasty, is the capital city of Shanxi Province. It's capital status lasted an amazing 1,608 years, which makes Xi'an an ancient city beyond compare. As a whole, Xi'an has a population of 5,860,000 people and covers an area of 9,983 square kilometers. Xian has some of the oldest and most spectacular museums and temples in China. This thriving modern city retains its impregnable walls and gates and the impressive Bell Tower, symbols of its glory and importance. Breathtaking historic relics, haunting history and warm friendly people: Xian tour is all of these and more.

Xi'an Highlight Day Tour

Xian Highlights One Day Tour

Xian Highlights One Day TourCode:CT769From:USD40

Tour Features:- This day tour in Xian is arrange for tourists who want to enjoy the city highlights in one day time. As th..

Xian Terre-cotta Warrior Tour

Xian Terre-cotta Warrior TourCode:CT766From:USD45

Tour Features:- Xian Terra-cotta Warriors Day Tour takes you to the Xian’s most attractive sight. The city is one of the f..

Xian Essence Tour

Xian Essence TourCode:CT765From:USD125

Tour Features:- This short but substantive Xian tour provides the essence of ancient Xian. Xian, called Changan in ancie..

Xian Selected Tour

Xian Selected TourCode:CT763From:USD155

Tour Features:- This Xian tour is well selected to show you the best that this ancient city has to offer. Xian is one of t..

China Ancient Capital Tour

China Ancient Capital TourCode:CT760From:USD540

Tour Features:- This 6-day China Ancient Capital Tour is recommended for first time visitors to China. This tour is filled..

Xian Panorama Tour

Xian Panorama TourCode:CT757From:USD340

Tour Features:- This Xian tour will let you have enough time touring around the city with thousands of years history and f..

Qianling Tomb & Famen Temple Tour

Qianling Tomb & Famen Temple TourCode:CT755From:USD50

Tour Features:- This tour to Famen Temple and Qianling Tomb will help you to discover the wonderful places in Xian. Famen ..

Xian Mt. Huashan Tour

Xian Mt. Huashan TourCode:CT752From:USD80

Tour Features:- By this tour, you will visit the Mt.Huashan in Xian. Mt. Huashan is situated to the south of Huayin County..

Xian Dunhuang Tour

Xian Dunhuang TourCode:CT751From:USD560

Tour Features:- Xian Dunhuang Tour involves the two most featured cities along the ancient Silk Road. Xian, the capital of..

China Tour Packages Including Xi'an

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Question:I would like to have a quotation for a one day tour in Xian for 13 pax in Oct., including: - flight - airport transfers - Visit of the Terra-Cotta Warriors & Xian Provincial History Museum - guide - lunch (optional) Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Best, Magali.

Answer:Dear Magali, we are pleased to receive your inquiry for the Xian Tour. I have made a one day tour itinerary and quotation as you requested, please check!