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Terms & Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions in full before using this site, as continued use will signify acceptance of all express conditions.
1. Ownership and Copyright:
All content contained within this site is under the ownership of Itourschina, and prior written consent of the owners is necessary before any part of this site can be reproduced via any means by a third party. All rights are reserved by the owner. Please apply to the owner for consent.
2. Terms for the use of community columns, including forums, travel reviews, photo albums and member's home pages. All user comments posted on this itourschina site, including reviews messages and photographs must be subject to the following conditions:
(i) Material must not be unlawful, threatening, libelous, defamatory, obscene, indecent, inflammatory, pornographic, profane or be interpreted as anything which could give cause to criminal activity, or be seen as inciting any such behavior.
(ii) No user comments may be made with the intention of promoting another organization.
(iii) No user comment should breach the intellectual property rights of another owner.
(iv) No comment may encroach the personal and civil rights of another, and cannot be seen as an infringement of the privacy policy.
Itourschina as the owner bears the absolute right to rule on the above conditions, and can, if it chooses to, delete or edit any material that is not seen to be in accordance with the above. Any date removed by Itourschina will not be returned to its owner, and itourschina will bear no responsibility for any loss incurred through such removal of data. Itourschina also reserve the right to cancel or restrict member access without prior notice to all aspects of the site, and termination without question may be the result of any breaches of these conditions.
3. Privacy:
Respect to personal privacy is considered a express condition for use of itourschina, and due protection of users privacy and rights is an essential aspect of our policy. Thus, all details provided to itourschina will be in confidentiality, and no information will be disclosed to a third party unless:
(i) Your express permission is gained.
(ii) If required by law or regulatory bodies, including for purposes necessary for social protection, and for needs of protection of intellectual property.
(iii) In accordance with any regulations on data protection and all implies conditions.
(iv) Under other circumstances that we deem necessary.
We can accept no loss incurred if information must be disclosed under the above conditions. The user must bear responsibility for any loss incurred from willing disclosure of personal information. We retain the right to alter this policy at any time without prior notice.
4. Links:
We reserve the right to remove any links which are deemed to be inappropriate by us. Any links provided outside the itourschina website is for convenience and information only, itourschina does not endorse the content of any links it may provide. Any transaction while on a linked site is not the responsibility of itourschina.
5. Disclaimer:
There may be minor errors and inaccuracies on our website, and we reserve the right to make corrections without prior notice. If, however, there should be a resulting price change, the publication price will be honored.
6. Copyright Violations:
If any violation of intellectual property rights is discovered by itourschina, we reserve the right to delete all documents found to be in violation, and terminate the user's membership without notice. If you believe that any part of the itourschina website constitutes and infringement of another's intellectual property rights, please contact our administration with the following information. Your full name, postal address, email address and contact telephone number; The site of the alleged infringement and the material considered in breach on itourschina. Proof that you have the right to act on the behalf of the copyright owner by providing either the physical signature or electronic signature of the owner. A sworn, legally cosigned statement that your information is accurate and without bias, and you are, or can act in the interest of, the copyright owner.

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