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A Yangtze River Cruise and China's geographic diversity will astound you. The Yangtze cruise will take you through the cradle of China, while giving you the opportunity to see some of the most spectacular scenery imaginable. Not only will you see the contrast between ancient Chinese culture and its more recent entrepreneurial spirit, but also be inspired by the majestic landscapes and impressive historical sites while enjoying the comfort of deluxe hotels and luxurious cruise ships. On a Yangtze River Cruise you can participate in the onboard cultural activities, go exploring the riverside ancient towns, or simply relax on deck, breathe some fresh air, view the stunning passing scenery and take photos.

Recommended Yangtze Cruise Ships

  • East King Cruise
  • Cruise Code: CC03  From:$400
  • East King Cruise, as one of the luxurious ships on the Yangtze River, is China's very first five-star deluxe cr...Details
  • Yangtze River No.1 Cruise
  • Cruise Code: CC02  From:$410
  • Yangtze River No.1 Cruise, combining oriental hospitality with western efficency, is dedicated to providing Chi...Details
  • Regal China Cruise
  • Cruise Code: CC01  From:$410
  • China Regal Cruises, boosting an elite staff and star quality service, is the only Yangtze cruise ship company ...Details
  • President No. 1 Cruise
  • Cruise Code: CC04  From:$360
  • President No. 1 Cruise, well known for its grandeur and luxuriousness, is sure to please guests with its elabor...Details
  • Princess Sissi Cruise
  • Cruise Code: CC05  From:$300
  • Princess Sissi Cruise, first put into service in 1994, the was totally renovated in 2001 to fit the criterions ...Details
  • President No.4 Cruise
  • Cruise Code: CC06  From:$320
  • President No.4 Cruise belongs to the President Fleet which is one of the largest fleet sailing along the Yangtz...Details
  • President No.6 Cruise
  • Cruise Code: CC07  From:$300
  • President No. 6 Cruise, known as the "Paradise on the Yangtze River," offers an enchanting ride through the sce...Details
  • Oriental Emperor Cruise
  • Cruise Code: CC08  From:$320
  • The Oriental Emperor is known for its size and grandeur with its five decks, 2 deluxe suites, 3 standard cabins...Details

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User Comments

Question:Dear Sirs, I'd like to know if this cruise (President 6) will start from Chongqing the 18th of June? There is a window and air condition in the room? Also, do you have any Yangtze cruise tour available during this time? thank you Isabella Biso

Answer:The President Fleet 6 is a 4* cruise in the Yangtze River. The rooms are facilitied with windows and air condition. It will start from Chongqing on June 18th all the way downstreams to Yichang. There’s no problem for us to arrange you a Yangtze cruise tour during your desired dates.