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Lhasa Tour is so appealing that it is like everybody’s dream to land on this mysterious city! Lhasa, as the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region of P.R.C. and also an important center for Tibetan politics, economy, culture, and religion, located in the northern flanks of the Himalayas and approximately 3,600 meters from the banks of the Lhasa River. The city covers a total area of 441 square kilometers and 7 adjunctive counties, and includes a population of 120,000. Lhasa is famous for not only being one the highest cities in the world, but for it’s breathtaking beauty, unique landscapes and the holy atmosphere of this religious centre.

Lhasa Highlight Day Tour

Lhasa One Day Highlight Tour

Lhasa One Day Highlight TourCode:CT458From:USD110

Tour Features:- Lhasa One Day Tour will show you all the highlights of what this city has to offer. Lhasa is one of the mo..

Lhasa 4-Day Holy City Tour

Lhasa 4-Day Holy City TourCode:CT456From:USD440

Tour Features:- Lhasa 4-Day Tour lead you to discover the essence of this holy city. Lhasa, the beautiful capital city of ..

Lhasa Namtso Lake Tour

Lhasa Namtso Lake TourCode:CT450From:USD660

Tour Features:- This tour visit the main attraction in Lhasa and Namtso. The features of this tour are: one is to learn th..

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Question:i would like to know the cost for this Lhasa tour. will there be a tour scheduled around this time since it is chinese new year? we will be taking the train from chengdu going to lhasa making 3 day of trip on the date above. best regards, joan

Answer:Thank you for your inquiry. The Lhasa Tour is available during Chinese New Year. Would you like us to arrange the train tickets from Chengdu to Lhasa for you, or you will be in charge of that by yourself. Please refer to our page for the itinerary of Lhasa Tour.