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Azerbaijan Embassies and Consulates


Azerbaijan, officially the Republic of Azerbaijan, is located in the southeastern part of Caucasia in West Asia. It covers a total area of 86,600 square kilometers with a coastal line of 800 kilometers long. With a population of over 8.3 million, Azerbaijani accounts for 77.3% of the ethnics. The economic benefits of Azerbaijan mainly relies on oil exports. Azerbaijan established diplomatic relations with China on April 2nd, 1994. Since then the two have carried on a very healthy cooperation on various fields.

Embassy of China in Azerbaijan
Post Code: 370010
Tel: +994-12-4936587
Fax: +994-12-4980010
Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Beijing
Add: No. B-3, Qijiayuan Diplomatic Compound Villa
Tel: +86-10-65324614, 65324698
Fax: +86-10-65324615
E-mail: mailbox@azerbembassy.org.cn
Website: http://www.azerbembassy.org.cn/

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