Xiamen Pictures

Xiamen, China's cleanest, most beautiful, seaport city, is located on the southeastern coast of Fujian Province. Xiamen was recently voted China's cleanest city, and has many attractions for the foreign visitor. Xiamen and its surrounding countryside offers spectacular scenery and pleasant tree-lined beaches.Being the hometown of many overseas Chinese, Xiamen has actually benefited from the contribution of overseas Chinese and its economy has undertaken great advancement.

The Picture of Gulangyu

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The Picture of Gulangyu
The Photo of Gulangyu
The Museum of Gulangyu
The Garden of Gulangyu Islet
The Photo of Gulangyu Islet
The Picture of the Airport in Xiamen
The Photo of Nanputuo Temple
The Photo of Nanputuo Temple
The Pond in Nanputuo Temple
The Photo of Kaiyuan Temple
The Sculpture in Kaiyuan Temple
The Pagoda in Kaiyuan Temple