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Ancient Town of Yangmei

Yangmei is a town located very close to Nanning and is a restored ancient town that is a popular tourist destination for those that visit the region. The Ancient Town of Yangmei was founded during the Song Dynasty, expanded its influence in the Ming Dynasty and was at its height during the Qing Dynasty when it was a major port of the Yongjiang River. Presently, Yangmei Ancient Town has several old buildings, that have been preserved, that are several dynasties old. The population of the Yangmei town is just around 50,000 people and they keep a lot of the same traditions they had when the town was founded.
Throughout Chinese history, the Yangmei Ancient Town has been the home of many scholars and also produced some of the new thinking that led to the 1911 Revolution. The arts are very famous in this Yangmei town, especially the Yue Opera, as old as the town itself. Here's some guide information if a chance opens to you to travel Ancient Town of Yangmei: Address: west of Yong Xin District, about 38 kilometers (about 24 miles) away from the central city of Nanning , Guangxi Province.  Contact number: 0086-0779-3055003 Admission Fee: CNY15/Person  Opening Hours: all day long

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