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China Folk Culture Village

China Folk Culture Village is a place where people can get to know the splendid culture of China. There are 56 ethnic minorities in China and they live throughout different regions of the entire country. Thus, it is very hard to visit each minority and experience their customs and traditions, see their clothing and taste their food. However, at the China Folk Culture Village, located at the Overseas Chinese Town, you can see all of these minorities and experience their lifestyles. The China Folk Culture Village is approximately 200,000 sq. meters and has 24 cottages representing different minorities.
You will have chance to join in the festivals of different minorities and buy some of the handicrafts and food from the different ethnic groups. If you come at right time, you will be able to experience some unique festivals of the minorities. Here’s some guide information in your travel of China Folk Cultural Village. The details are as follows Location: Huaqiao city, Shenzhen District, Guangdong Province. Admission Fee: CNY120/ Person (including the ticket for Splendid China) Opening Hours: 09:00-21:30 Contact number: 0086-0755-26602111

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