End of the earth

The End of the Earth, also called Tianya Haijiao, literally means, "edge of the sky, rim of the sea.".  It is a romantic and beautiful scenic spot, to the west of Sanya City,Tianya Town, Hainan Province.The End of the Earth is one of the most popular places for domestic tourists for its cultural bearing. An international wedding festival is celebrated in Tianya Haijiao every year. Around the Mid Autumn Day, there is a Lantern Festival, which adds to the special atmosphere.The End of the Earth (Tianya Haijiao) is a heaven for people who are head over heals in love, and also an ideal place for people who are deeply in love with the sea. You will definitely have fond memories after visiting this scenic spot.
When the Chinese thought their empire was the world, then this truly must have felt like the end of the Earth, or the "Border of Heaven," with nothing to see ahead but ocean. Primarily a viewpoint, the Border has historical and mythological importance as well, which is perhaps the motivation for the flocks of Chinese tourists. During the Song Dynasty, the cape at the bottom of Hainan Island was a place of exile for Chinese miscreants (poets, etc.). Hard to imagine their despair in such a beautiful place, but at the time, paradise had no escape. There's also a myth about some lovers, lyrics of a popular love song also say: "Let's accompany each other until the end of time, until the end of the Earth."

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