Lingyin Temple

Lingyin Temple is located in Lingyin Hill known for the green woods, the clear water and the particular cave scene in China Tourism. Travel to Lingyin Temple, you could experience the strong atmosphere of Buddism. Scattered in the history, poems, lyrics and legends, the name " Lingyin Temple" has won its reputation in Hangzhou travel by the amazing atmosphere and the stunning natural beauty. With the prestige of "No.1 Hill in the Southeast", Lingyin Temple was built in 326 A.D and is still in careful maintenance until now. The name of the temple, "Linyin", has a philosophical meaning of "soul's retreat" since "ling" means "soul" and "yin" means "retreat".
The temple has presented a new look to worldwide tourists after the successive renovation and reconstruction, representing the ancient look of Lingyin Temple in the Qing Dynasty. Nowadays, the present temple is composed of the Hall of Dva-Kings, the Hall of Mahavira and the Hall of the Buddha of Medicine. To add a final memorable touch to your travel, it is very pleasant to dine at the Ling Yin Vegetarian Restaurant located near to the Temple. The vegetarian dishes on offer are typical of the Chinese culinary style and it is little wonder that in such a setting the excellent repast is frequently regarded as 'food for the gods'.

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