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Naxi Classical Musical Show

Naxi Classical Musical Show is an important program for your travel in Yunnan province.The Naxi nationality has their own unique musical style, which preserves part of the Han classical musical style that cannot be found in most parts of China. The music, known as Lijiang Daoist Music, or better known as Ancient Naxi Music, is regarded as a "living fossil of Chinese music". The only way this music can be learned is from a master teaching his apprentice. The music of these people is a very unique aspect of the local town and is an important part of the community.
Naxi Ancient Music Bands have been invited to perform in Hong Kong, Great Britain, America, Holland, Belgium and Norway, exercising great influence and gaining attention from all over the world. Generations of national musicians devote themselves to Naxi Ancient Music and make it a part of Naxi culture.Here's some guide information in your travel of Naxi Ancient Music: Address: Old City of Lijiang, Yunnan Province. Contact number: 0086-888-5181445  Admission Fee: CNY 160/Person  (A Ticket) CNY 140/Person (B Ticket)  CNY 120/Person (C Ticket)  Opening Hours: 09:00-22:00

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