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Thousand Buddha Mountain

Lying 2.5 kilometers (1.55 miles) to the south of Jinan, Shandong Province, the Thousand-Buddha Mountain is one of the key points of interest in the city of Jinan. It is about 258 meters high (846 feet) ranging from east to west. It has been constructed into a park in1959 which occupies an area of about 166 hectare (140 acres).The mountain was called Mt. Li in ancient times. However, in the early days of Sui Dynasty (581-618) a great many statues of Buddha were chiseled on the rocks of the mountain and the Thousand-Buddha Temple was built and soon became famous, so the name of the temple was to become that of the mountain. There are many scenic spots and historical relics distributed in the mountain.
Besides, the famous Shandong Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery for Revolution of 1911 is situated in the east side of the mountain. Built in 1934, the cemetery was put under the provincial protection in1979. The Park of Thousand-Buddha Mountain was listed as one of the Seven Beauty Spots of Shandong Province in1995. Great efforts have been made to add many scenic spots such as water pull, gardens and ropeways, etc. in recent years. Some travel guide in the Thousand Buddha Mountain. Location: 2.5 kilometers to the south of downtown Jinan City Tickets: RMB30/Person  Opening hours: 6:30 -18:30

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