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Bayan Huxu Grassland

Bayan Huxu Grasslands are one of the best in China and the best in Inner Mongolia. Located southwest of Owenki Banner of Hulunbuir League, Bayan Huxu Grassland is 39 km away from Hailar City, with very convenient transportation. Covering 5 square kilometres, it is full of verdant grass and colorful flowers, and the meandering Yimin River runs slowly through it. Beside the river, the Mt Bayan Huxu Obo is towering aloft. Travellers can take part in minority ethnic sports, watch the sunrise and sunset on grassland, and visit families of herdsmen. It has a cool and pleasant summer and is snowy and icy in winter. The snow and ice landscape is another feature of this area. And it is a travel destination with the most potentialities for development in Inner Mongolia. 
There are plenty of flowers and green grass at the resort and mountains lining the backdrop. Several yurts are available for the travellers who want to sleep in. There are also traditional sporting activities that travellers can learn and take part in if they so desire. The five-square-kilometer scenic resort features green grass, bright-colored flowers and the Yimin River that winds its way past, Bayan obo(Mountain) that towers on the river bank, and yurts. Those who travel to the scenic resort may take part in sports activities popular among the local people or join in other travel programs.The natural trip environment is chiefly composed of the forests of the Greater Xinggan Mountains and the grasslands in Hulunbuir, making up a natural resource of a sea of forestry and grassland.

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