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Hailar Travel Guide

From many guide book about Hailar, you can easily find out that Hailar itself is the thing to see in this area. Situated in the northern reaches of Inner Mongolia, Hailar is the largest city in the Hulunbuir Prefecture, with a total population of around 220,000 and an area of 1440 square kilometers. The city boosts Inner Mongolia's most interesting and beautiful scenery, including the infinite grasslands and the Hulun Lake. In Hailar, you have lots of interesting things to do. Visitors have the opportunity to ride horses. Eat traditional Mongolian dishes, and enjoy the outdoors in a yurt (tent). The areas lying outside the city are interesting as well, with wild grasslands, rugged terrain, and good camping grounds. In addition, the city is quite diverse, with a total of 25 different resident minority groups, including Han, Mongol and Hui and less prevalent groups, such as: the Manchurians, Koreans, Ewink and Daur peoples. Hailaer was determined to be the core area of eastern Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. More than 100 meetings are held here every year. The city of Hailar received 974,000 people in 2005, and the traveling income reaches 729,000,000 Yuan.

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