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Hailar Tour takes you to the most beautiful grassland in Inner Mongolia. Hailar, as the largest city in the Hulunbuir Prefecture, with a total population of around 220,000 and an area of 1440 square kilometers, located in the northern reaches of Inner Mongolia. The city promotes Inner Mongolia's most interesting and beautiful scenery, including the infinite grasslands and the Hulun Lake. Visitors have the opportunity to ride horses, eat traditional Mongolian dishes, and enjoy the outdoors in a yurt (tent). The areas lying outside the city are interesting as well, with wild grasslands, rugged terrain, and good camping grounds. In addition, the city is quite diverse, with a total of 25 different resident minority groups

Hailar Highlight Day Tour

Hailar Hulunbeier Grassland Tour

Hailar Hulunbeier Grassland TourCode:CT309From:USD285

Tour Features:- Want to take a tour to grassland? This Hailar Hulunbeier Tour is the best choice. Hailar, as the largest c..

Hailar-Hulunbeier Birding Tours

Hailar-Hulunbeier Birding ToursCode:CT307From:USD0

Tour Features:- This tour is designed with birding for those who are interested in birds and the natural world. Known as t..

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