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Shanghai Travel Guide

First stepping into Shanghai, it's hard to know things to do if you're used to being guided around and there are so many things worth to see in such a big city. Here's a helpful guide of fun things to do in Shanghai. Situated in the middle of China's east coastline, Shanghai, called "Hu" or "Shen" for short in Chinese, is renowned as the "Oriental Paris" and "Pearl of China". The city is truly an international metropolis - not only does the city regularly host international TV, film and art festivals, but also has been the destination for world-class musicians and artists alike. Shanghai is also the largest economic and trade center in the country. Shanghai is also labeled a "big melting pot" for the large amount of migrants who have come from the countryside in search of opportunities. In general, the city, with its various types of architectural design and blossoming culture, is the symbol of success for the Chinese economic reforms and the shining light in the country. However, the must-see things of Shanghai are on the street, where everyday life unfolds with bewildering variety. Welcome to view the following Shanghai attraction guide for more details about things to do in Shanghai.

Shanghai Attraction Guide – Things To Do in Shanghai

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