Yu Garden

Yu Garden is a 400-year-old classical Chinese garden located in the Shanghai's Old Town, not far from the Bund. Located to the south of the Bund, the Old Town is what remains of the walled fishing town that was Shanghai when the British arrived in 1843; modern Shanghai has grown up around Yu Garden. The Old Town used to be a maze of tiny alleys, but in recent years the streets have been widened and are now crowded with tourists. At the center of the Old Town you can find the Chenghuang Temple and the Yu Garden, in which stands the Huxining Teahouse, said to be the model for the willow-pattern plates much loved by colonial era Europeans.
Yu Garden was originally the private property of a Si Chuan official named Pan Yuen Duan. He spent twenty years and all his savings constructing the garden for his parents enjoy in their old age. Due to the clever use of space and perspective, though Yu Garden looks small from the outside it is very big inside. Yu Garden has the 5-dragon-on-wall characteristics; it was divided into pavilion, monument, temple and storeys. It is said to have seven sights a visitor should see. Yu Garden 's park is in the style of Junnan and it is also a famous sight in it's own right. Location: in the center of Shanghai City; Opening Hours: 08:30 to 17:00; Contact number: + 86-21-63260830 Tickets: CNY 40

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