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Chengde Travel Guide

Welcome to view Chengde Guide here for things to do and what to see in Chengde. Situated in Hebei Province, Chengde borders Beijing and Tianjin on the south and Liaoning Province and Inner Mongolia in the north. The little town Chengde gained its prominence during the Qing Dynasty when the emperors built a palace where they spend their summer months when the heat in Beijing became unbearable. It is often renowned as the "Mountain Village for Escaping the Heat". Renowned as one of the Top 10 Scenic Spots and the Top 40 Tourist Wonderlands, Chengde is an enjoyable city that has interesting things to do there. As one of the first famous historic and cultural cities of the nation, Chengde has plenty of things to see, with some of them being renowned both at home and abroad. The Mountain Resort and Eight Outer Temples also known as the Palace of Chengde or Summer Palace of Rehe, are listed as the world cultural heritage sites, which have contributed towards Chengde being one of famous cities in the world. They will surely blow guests away with its grandeur. City buses provide a fine and integrated transport service; taxis are also a good choice due to their convenience and inexpensiveness.

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