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Dunes of the Singing Sands

The Mingsha Mountain, also known as the Echoing-Sand Mountain, is a top attraction when travel here. The Mingsha Mountain is located about seven kilometers south of Dunhuang and it covers an area of two hundred square kilometers. Seen from afar, the mountain is just like a golden dragon winding its way over the horizon. As you approach you become aware that the sand has many colors ranging from red to yellow, green, black and white.The Echoing-Sand Mountain is famous for the amazing sounds that its sands make when the wind blowing. Listening to the sands it is possible to hear the lightest tinkling of sounds and heavy thunderous sounds depending on the wind, and even your own footsteps here in the Dunes of the Singing Sands can make a melody when you travel to the Mingshan Mountain.
Although the winds and feet of visitors may cause the sands to shift, its shape always returns to its original set of peaks and ridges which can become almost razor sharp. In 1994 it is listed as the national key scenic spot. Mingsha Mountain, the crescent moon spring and the Mogao Caves art landscape merges into a whole which has become a popular tourist attraction all around the world. Ancient times, it was called the 'sand Hornberg', and 'the god Shashan'. The length between east and west is 40 km while the south and north is 20km. The Mingsha mountain's peak is like a knife's edge. From far away, it looks like a dragon but also resembles mighty waves in the sea. The Mingsha Mountain is really a magnificent sight to behold.

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